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Provision virtual machines and functions with agility at the edge.

Cost-efficiently scale resources at the edge

Sophisticated data processing and intelligence requires flexible management of IoT devices, sensors and systems. Edge VM helps you run and scale next-gen applications by combining software-defined compute designed to deliver 5ms or better latency, high-performance storage and secure networking. 


VIDEO: See how Edge VM works (1:45)

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Cost Control-Dollar

Minimize costs through scalability

Reduce server costs by expanding and scaling resources on demand. Universally operate virtual environments on a host machine and enable remote provisioning, management and monitoring of edge devices virtually anywhere.


Maximize speed and performance

Increased processing power and application uptime means you can set up, configure and deploy workloads within an hour and accelerate time to market.


Simplify security and management

Enable a secure compute location with architecture designed to support data privacy and maximize efficiency by using SDDC technology and virtualization tools. Save time while Lumen manages the virtual servers.

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Features and Specs

  • On-demand virtual machine (VM) creation, reading, updating and deletion
  • Control Logical Grouping of virtual infrastructure assigning VMs to group or folder
  • 60+ planned edge locations in North America, EMEA, APAC and LATAM

  • Multiple configurations of operating systems, memory and partitions:
    • OS: Ubuntu 18 & 20 or CentOS 7 & 8.3 
    • Memory capacity: 1GB - 256GB
    • vCPUs: 1- 32
    • Partition 1G - 4096G

  • Dynamic networking choices including private IP VPN or Ethernet
  • Authorization and authentication of services and users

Use Cases

Empowering next-gen retail

Virtualized point of sale (POS) systems require rapid integration with barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, cash drawers or receipt printers.

Unifying IOT systems

Virtualized software stacks unify IoT devices and connect them on a single edge platform.

Optimizing distributed app performance

SaaS applications run close to digital interactions and operate as a virtual machine (VM) on a server.




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