Lumen help

Creating a new Media portal user

If you're a Media portal administrator, you can create new users for your organization to help manage your Lumen services.

To create a new Media portal user:

  1. From the main menu, select Portal Admin > User Profiles.

    Media portal lists the users for your organization.
User Profiles
  1. Click Add New User.
User Profiles (New User)
  1. In the Contact Info section, fill in the information for the user.
  1. In the Roles section, do either (or both) of the following to add a role for the user:

    • To assign a Vyvx role to the user, click the checkbox on the Vyvx tab, then select the options from the fields to assign the user a role, select companies they can work with, etc.

    • To assign a CDN role to the user, click the checkbox on the CDN tab, click the tab, then select the access group(s) the user can work with.
  1. When you're done, click Invite User.

    Media portal sends a welcome email to the user. When the user click the link in the email, they can sign in, complete their profile, and set a password.