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Resetting your Media portal password

If you've forgotten your Media portal password, you can reset. You'll need to be able to access to the email address associated with your user profile.


If you've forgotten your password and have tried to sign in several times, your user profile may be locked. If your user profile is locked, you can still retrieve your password, but you must wait 30 minutes for your user profile to be unlocked before trying to sign in again.

To reset your Media portal password:

  1. Below the login boxes, click the Forgot your password? link.
  1. Type the email address associated with your Media portal user profile, select the I'm not a robot checkbox, then click Continue.

    Media portal sends an email with a password reset link to the email address you specified.
  1. Click OK, then check your email to look for the password reset email.
  1. When you receive the email, click the link to reset your password.
  1. Type your email address, then type your new password. Type your new password again to confirm you've entered it correctly, then click OK.

    Media portal changes your password and signs you in to the portal.