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Readiness support: North America handbook

Your account team

Customer success (CS) professional

Sales/account director (AD)

Sales focuses on providing you with the right counsel and identifying strategic solutions that align to your evolving technology roadmap by partnering closely with your customer success professional. They are responsible for gathering and confirming your requirements so they can submit your order. They will also work with you to execute all quotes and orders for additional Lumen services, as well as helping you through the credit-application process.

Sales engineer (SE)

Your sales engineer works with you to identify options and define technical requirements for implementing your services. They are responsible for understanding your existing network, key locations, and potential needs. Your sales engineer brings your business needs and technology challenges together with the Lumen range of services and capabilities for a technically sound and cost-effective solution. They also manage the engineering portion of your service quote as well as the inventory and capacity process for your new order.

Customer care manager (CCM)

Your CCM helps ensure your Lumen installation experience is a very positive one. Your CCM's name, phone number and email address appear on your order acknowledgement letter. Your CCM can help you with any inquiries you may have regarding your order, keep you informed of the status every step of the way from a holistic viewpoint, and will act as an advocate on your behalf. They are your contact throughout the lifecycle of your order and will manage your order from order submittal to customer acceptance, and they will communicate with you at key milestones and updates. If you have questions about your order, feel free to reach out to your CCM.

Additional account team roles


Key contacts

DDoS Mitigation requests


Service delivery

Customer care manager (CCM)


Repair support

Lumen is dedicated to providing you with 24/7 support for all your installed services. We embrace a strong operational philosophy that is customer-focused and highly responsive. Strict performance metrics drive our internal organizations to deliver quality service to you on a consistent basis. In the event an issue arises with your service, Lumen works quickly to resolve any issues. We know time is critical when you are experiencing an outage or service impairment and we focus our technical expertise on restoring service as quickly as possible while keeping you informed of progress, so you can focus on managing your business.

Our technicians

Once your Lumen service has been installed, a technician will be your point of contact for service-related issues. Our technicians are trained to quickly address technical issues and will provide start-to-finish accountability. Your technician may initiate several tests and processes to determine the root cause of the issue and will either resolve the issue or collaborate with internal or external fix agents such as Lumen field technicians, other internal technicians or external vendors, to resolve the issue.

Opening and monitoring a repair ticket

Lumen makes it easy for you to interact with our repair team when you need them. You can reach a technician anytime, 24/7.

Planned network maintenance

Support contact information


Billing support

Partial month billing

Paperless billing

Accounts managed in Control Center


Customer portals

Need to register for Control Center?

Get help using Control Center


Solutions overview

Connecting the digital business


Every business is unique and creating the right networking ecosystem to accomplish your organization’s user experience, resiliency and security objectives is paramount. Lumen adaptive networking solutions are inherently secure and high-performing for powering your voice, video and data applications. We deliver both public and private connectivity options via fiber or the public cloud, to help ensure reliable and secure access whenever and virtually wherever you need.

We can help you remove business risk by offering managed and co-managed solutions that provide the tools, technology and expertise needed for design, deployment, configuration, management, service migration, vendor management and technical support across the entire WAN solution, while you maintain agility with full visibility and control.

Hybrid cloud

The efficiency and agility gains of cloud computing have redefined what digital transformation really means. As your trusted advisor with design, implementation and support expertise, Lumen can help you drive your transformation. With expansive connections to premier cloud service providers worldwide, and multi-cloud management tools and services, our hybrid cloud solutions give you both choice and control to drive improved governance, simplify your environment and efficiently expand for driving new market innovation.

Voice & unified communication

Today’s most effective businesses implement purpose-built approaches for effective collaboration among employees, partners and end-customers. Lumen can help you design, implement and support solutions for driving more efficient and secure communication and collaboration solutions throughout your organization. From application uptime and accessibility for your global workforce, to TDM to VoIP, and a full suite of collaboration tools and API capabilities, Lumen can help you lower costs and increase productivity.


As the cyber threat landscape continues to advance, you can’t afford to have a false sense of security. To help ensure the security and resiliency of your environment and data, Lumen delivers a holistic approach to its adaptive security solutions, one that is integrated throughout your business’ network connectivity, hosting infrastructure, applications and end-point devices. Our multi-layered approach to assess, predict, protect and respond to threats, combined with the comprehensive view we provide across your IT landscape allows for proactive risk mitigation of your end-to-end ecosystem.

Managed & IT services

Whether by driving efficiencies, supporting new innovations or by protecting existing assets, IT organizations are required to contribute to the business’ bottom line objectives. With Lumen as your trusted advisor—delivering comprehensive managed services and consulting expertise—your IT organization can rapidly evolve to support the business. Our certified network and hybrid hosting experts can help you design and manage your environment more efficiently, and our accredited data science experts can help you cultivate a data-driven culture throughout your organization for enabling smarter decision-making and improved innovation that drives increased ROI.



Remembering all the new terms you've been introduced to can be daunting. Below, is a list to help you keep track:

BTNBilling telephone number: number associated with your billing.
CCDCustomer commit date: the date that Lumen expects to deliver service to you.
CNRCustomer not ready: status assigned by Lumen when you do not respond or are unable to test; can also be applied when submitting a DLR after the required deadline.
CPACustomer provided access: termination at the customer’s premises.
CRDCustomer requested due date
DLRDesign layout report/record: the detailed design path of a completed circuit including all equipment and network components from one end of the circuit to another
GCRGlobal change request: network maintenance events schedule by Lumen with notification provided to customers who may be affected.
ICBIndividual case basis: a determination upon analysis of your specific type of service and requirements.
LECLocal exchange carrier: Verizon, BT, AT&T.
LNPLocal number portability: a Lumen group that manages the transfer of your local phone numbers.
MRCMonthly recurring charges: charges that are billed every month on your account.
MSAMaster service agreement: a contract that documents the terms and conditions applicable to your services.
MTTRMean time to restoration: a standard measurement for service restoration.
NIDNetwork interface device
NOCNetwork Operations Center
NRCNon‑recurring charges: a one‑time charge on your account (e.g., activation fee).
NSANon‑service affecting: any scheduled maintenance that will not impact your service.
Off‑NetOff‑network: connection to a third‑party provider to reach the Lumen network.
On‑NetOn‑network: connected directly to the Lumen network.
SESales engineer: your point of contact for network design strategy and technical service guidance and information.
TAETechnical assurance engineers: your contact for gathering technical details for your service order.
TDMTime division multiplexer: a device which derives multiple channels on a single transmission facility by connecting bit streams one at a time at regular intervals.