Lumen help

Exploring the Network Visibility dashboard

Network Visibility (showing Utilization KPI)

  1. Click Monitoring, then click Network Visibility.

    Control Center opens the Network Visibility dashboard. On the map, Control Center shows locations with services needing your attention. Key performance indicators (KPIs) show services with high utilization or critical issues, services that are down or have threshold warnings, as well as open tickets and scheduled maintenance for your services. Use the Map View and List View links above the KPIs to toggle between views.
Network Visibility

Dashboard KPIs (key performance indicators)

To view locations with high or elevated utilization, click the Utilization KPI:

  • Elevated Utilization: average utilization above 65% during the latest 5-minute sample.

  • High Utilization: average utilization percentage above 85% during the latest 5-minute sample.

Utilization data is calculated as follows:

  • bits = bytes * 8
  • bits per second = Bits / time delta (usually 300 for a 5-minute interval)
  • utilization average = bits per second / committed bandwidth
Network Visibility (showing Utilization KPI)

Network Visibility (showing Performance KPI)

To view maps locations that are identified as Down, click the Status KPI:

  • Down service: Interface Oper status is down during the latest 5-minute sample.

  • Up service: Interface Oper status is up during the latest 5-minute sample.
Network Visibility (showing Status KPI)

Network Visibility (showing Threshold Alerts KPI)

To view locations with open or recently closed tickets, click the Repair Tickets KPI.

  • Open tickets: tickets currently open and being worked

  • Closed tickets: tickets recently closed in the past 7 days
Network Visibility (showing Repair Tickets KPI)

To view locations with scheduled maintenance currently in progress or upcoming, click the Scheduled Maintenance KPI.

  • Scheduled maintenance: events running now or within the next 24 hours.

  • Planned maintenance: events scheduled between 24 hours and 30 days from now.
Network Visibility (showing Scheduled Maintenance KPI)