Lumen help

Creating a request for a customer service record

You can request CSR information for the phone numbers of a customer you're porting away from Lumen (SPID 7343—formerly Global Crossing).

To create a request for a customer service record:

  1. Click the CSR tab, then click the New CSR subtab.
CSR tab (showing New CSR subtab)
  1. In the End User Information section, fill in the information for your customer: name and address.
  1. In the Service Number section, do the following:

    1. From the LOA list, select whether you have a letter of authorization (LOA) from your customer.

    2. From the Type Of Service list, select whether the customer is residential or business customer.

    3. In the WTN section, type the number(s) or range(s) of numbers you want CSR data for. If you need more than the five rows provided, click Add 5 More Rows. (For example, 3035551212 or 3035551212 and 1234.)

    4. Tell us how you'd like to receive your CSR results:

      • If you'd like us to email you the CSR results when they've been compiled, select the Yes radio button.

      • If you want to check the LSR/CSR Online portal for the results and download them (or if you don't know what email address is in your profile), select the No radio button.
  1. Click Submit CSR.

    The LSR/CSR Online portal submits your request. Depending on the amount of information you requested, it ususally takes 40–60 minutes to gather the CSR information. If you requested to receive the information by email, we will email when your data is ready. If you didn't request to receive an email, you can check the status of your request online.