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Ethernet configuration guidelines

The following reference table provides basic Ethernet interface connectivity standards, cabling and compatibility. Customer edge (CE) device configuration guidance is provided for those Ethernet service speeds most commonly associated with performance issues.

InterfaceMedia type handoffFiber modeBandwidth usage limitDistance limit
10/100 Base TCopperN/A100 Mbps100m
100 Base TCopperN/A1 Gbps100m
100 Base FXFiberMulti‑mode100 Mbps500m–2km
1000 Base SXFiberMulti‑mode1 Gbps220m–550m
1000 Base LX/LHFiberSingle‑mode1 Gbps10km
1000 Base ZXFiberSingle‑mode1 Gbps70km
10000 Base SRFiberMulti‑mode10 Gbps220m–550m
10000 Base IR/LRFiberSingle‑mode10 Gbps10km/20km
40G Base LRFiberSingle‑mode40 Gbps20km
4100G LR4FiberSingle‑mode100 Gbps10km

T1 crossover cables (Voice/TDM services)

PRI (T1/E1) crossover/loopback cable PRI (T1/E1) crossover/loopback cable

Ethernet crossover cables (Switched services)

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