Lumen help

Creating an API security key

To create an API security key:

  1. From the main menu, select Portal Admin > CDN API Security Keys.

    Media portal lists the CDN or Vyvx API security keys for your organization.
CDN API Security Keys
  1. From the Access Group list, select the access group you want to create the API security key under.
  1. Click Add a New Key.
API Terms of Use Agreement
  1. Read through the terms of use, then click Accept & Continue.
Create New Key
  1. Fill in the information for the new key:

    1. In the Key Name field, type a name for the key.

    2. From the Role list, select the authorization level for the key.

    3. From the Contact list, select the contact for the key in your organization.

    4. In the Notes field, add any additional information about the key or the details you provided.