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Configuring your Grandstream HT503 ATA

Follow the instructions below to configure the profile rule for your Grandstream HT503 ATA (analog termination adapter), it provides one analog FXS port and one FXO port.

Important: The Grandstream HT503 has been discontinued. Use this article for configuring your existing equipment. If you need a replacement or additional ATA, Lumen uses the Grandstream HT813.

To configure your Grandstream HT503 ATA:

  1. Using an Ethernet cable, connect your laptop or PC to the LAN port on the ATA.

Note: The ATA will give you an IP address initially due to the default setting in the device configuration of NAT and DHCP server. The IP address of the unit will be by default and can be accessed with a web browser by using the IP address. This DHCP server is turned off and becomes a passthrough after the ATA receives its initial configuration from the Lumen hosted server.

  1. In a web browser, go to
  1. Type the default password: admin.
  1. After a device  pulls the configuration, the password changes to 235711. The new password is your indication that the ATA successfully pulled the initial configuration.
  1. Click the Advanced Settings tab.
  1. Update Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning Upgrade Via setting to HTTPS.
  1. Update the Firmware Server Path. Copy and paste the following URL:
  1. Update the Config Server Path. Copy and paste the following URL:
  1. Update Allow DHCP Option 66 or 160 to override server to No.
  1. Click Save.