Lumen help

Configuring your IP phone for VoIP service

If you're purchasing phones from another vendor (BYOD/bring your own device), use the following instructions to configure your phone for VoIP service. If dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) option services are provided for your voice VLAN, you don’t need to manually configure your IP phones.

To configure your IP phone manually:

  1. Press the MENU button.
  1. Press 3 (Settings).
  1. Press 2 (Advanced).
  1. Enter 456 or 235711 for the password then press ENTER.

Note: If neither of the passwords listed above work, please contact your previous service provider or the company you purchased the device(s) from.

  1. Press 1 (Admin Settings).
  1. Press 1 (Network Configuration).
  1. Highlight the “....” next to Provisioning Server, then press SELECT.
  1. Arrow down and make sure HTTP is selected under Server Type.
  1. Under Server Address, type
  1. Press the BACK button.
  1. Select SAVE, then click REBOOT.