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Adding a filter to sort billing data in Bill Analyst

To add a filter to sort billing data:

  1. From the main menu, select Billing > Invoice Management
Invoice Management
  1. From the list of accounts, click the blue hyperlink for the account you want to work with.
Hosted Bill Analyst
  1. In the Tools section, click Filters.
  1. Click Add Filter.
Create Filter
  1. To select how you want to create the filter, do one of the following: 

    • Select the Start with a copy of an existing filter radio button, then from the Name list, select the existing filter.

    • Select the Start a new filter of type radio button, then from the Filter Type list, select the type of report.
  1. Click Continue. (For example, we selected Start a new filter of type.)
Create Filter
  1. In the Filter Name box, type a name for your filter.
  1. In the Criteria section, select your filtering parameters from the list (Any of the following are true or All of the following are true), then click Add Condition.
Create Filter (Add Condition)
  1. From the first list, select the field you want to apply the filter to (e.g., Account Number, Amount Due, Bill Date). (For example, we selected Billing Account Number.)
  1. From the second list, select a comparison operator (e.g., contains, is equal to, starts with, etc.). (For example, we selected is equal to.)
  1. In the third field, type a value (e.g., $5, Tuesday, 5GB). (For example, we typed 123456578, the billing account number we want to filter for.)
Create Filter (showing example filter for a billing account number)
  1. In the Sharing section, select whether you want others to be able to view and use this filter: click Share this filter to share it; click Don't share this filter to keep your filter private.

    A shared filter can only be edited or deleted by the person who created it.
  1. Click Save.

    New filters appear on the filter page (you may need to scroll down to see them). If you've shared a filter, there will be a notation in the Shared column.