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Calling a favorite contact on your phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

There are several ways to call contacts that are designated as a favorite. Typically, the VVX 50x phone lets you display up to 10 favorites and the VVX 60x displays up to 14. (These numbers vary based on additional features programmed by your organization's administrator.)

To dial a favorite the fastest way:

  1. Find the favorite contact you want to call. A contact with a gray silhouette next to the name indicates a favorite.
  1. Tap the favorite you want to call.
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Another way to call a favorite is to use the favorites directory:

  1. Tap the clock icon.
  1. Tap the Favorites soft key.
  1. Swipe the display up and down to locate the contact you want to call.
  1. Tap on the favorite to dial the contact.