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Sorting and filtering call lists on your phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

Each call list includes up to 100 entries, which can be sorted, reordered, and filtered by call type (placed, received, and missed calls).

Sorting call lists

All call lists are sorted by time and in descending order (by default). To change your sort to ascending order:

  1. Tap the Callers soft key or tap the clock icon at the top of the display to access your call list.
  1. Tap the two-way arrow icon at the top of your display to sort.
call list sort
  1. To sort in ascending order, tap Ascending on the sort screen.
  1. Tap the Back arrow to return to your call list.

    Your call records will now be ordered from oldest to newest and will stay in that order until you change it back to sort in descending order or your phone reboots.
  1. After you complete your sort, press the Home button twice to exit.
call list sort2

Filtering call lists

By default, all call records from each of your lists appear. However, you can manage your records by filtering lists to review a specific call type, such as missed, placed, or received calls.

To filter your list:

  1. Tap the Callers soft key or tap the clock icon to access your call lists.
  1. Tap the filter icon (the funnel).

Note: Call lists default to displaying all calls, so the next time you want to access a specific record, you'll need to use the filter feature again to narrow your search.

call list filter
  1. Tap on the call list type that you want to filter.

    A checkmark next to the call list type indicates you have selected a specific list for filtering.
  1. Tap the back icon to return to your call list type.
  1. Press the Home button twice to exit.
call list filter2