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Accessing the callers list on your phone (VVX 3xx/4xx series)

To access the call list:

  1. With your phone in an idle state (you are not on a call and are not dialing), press the Callers soft key (at the bottom of your display).
  1. Use the up and down navigation keys to scroll through all call records. Call record types are identified by their unique icons:

    • an x icon─a missed call

    • an up arrow─a placed call

    • a down arrow─a received call
  1. With a call record highlighted, press the Dial soft key to call that contact.
300 400 call list using
  1. You can also do any of the following:

    • to delete call records or an entire call list, press the Clear soft key

    • to rearrange your list, press the Sort soft key (If you're using a VVX 3xx phone, press the More soft key to access the Sort soft key)

    • to review a specific call list type, press the Type soft key
300 400 call list soft keys