Lumen help

Editing a contact (VVX 3xx/4xx series)

To edit a contact:

  1. Press the Home button.
  1. Use the right navigation key to highlight Directories, then press the Select button (in the center of the navigation keys).
  1. With Contact Directory highlighted, press the Select soft key.
  1. Use the up and down navigation keys to highlight the contact you want to edit.
  1. With the contact highlighted, press the Info soft key.
  1. Press the Edit soft key.
  1. To modify the contact information, use the up and down navigation keys to access a field and use the keypad to enter the updated information. Entering letters from the keypad is like texting prior to smart phones: To type A, press 2 once. To type C, press 2 three times.
  1. When you're done making changes, press the Save soft key. (To exit without saving your changes, press Cancel.)