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Using My Downloads and My Uploads

You can download many types of files from Control Center to your computer. In addition, you can upload files to show screenshots or describe a situation in more detail with supporting documentation. Control Center lists any files you upload under the Miscellaneous tile on the My Downloads page (Admin > Tools & Misc. > My Downloads).

Downloading a file from My Downloads

To download a file from My Downloads:

  1. Click Admin, click Tools & Miscellaneous, then click My Downloads.
My Downloads
  1. Click CARE, Miscellaneous, or INT Files to view and download the available files and reports.

    • CARE and PIC Dispute—Customer account record exchange are network-ready files provided by the local phone company for one plus component. CARE files remain in Control Center for 90 days.

    • Miscellaneous—These files include transfer reports, SAM throughput information, and special reports. Control Center downloads automated Move To and Move From reports to this folder. Miscellaneous files remain in Control Center for 30 days.

    • INT—These files list the switched 8XX/ANIs/calling card services that failed to transfer from one account to another and require an order to be manually submitted. This information will already be in the switched batch results. They have the same name as the switched batch file it relates to. WHL files are specific internal transfer failures are captured in the INT files. INT files remain in Control Center for 60 days.

Uploading a file to My Uploads

You can also upload files that contain information you need to share with Lumen.

To upload a file to My Uploads:

  1. Click Admin, click Tools & Miscellaneous, then click My Uploads.
My Uploads
  1. Click, Browse, locate the file you want to upload, then click OK.
  1. Click Send.