Lumen help

Closing an LNP ticket

To close an LNP ticket:

  1. Click Services.

    Control Center shows the Services console. Use the console to access an inventory of your services, check the status of orders, and manage your services.
Services console
LNP Tickets
  1. Search for the LNP ticket you want to work with by doing one of the following:

    • Scroll through the LNP tickets. If you have more than 20 LNP tickets, you can view the rest of your LNP tickets by using the arrows at the bottom of the list.

    • Search for the LNP tickets by typing search criteria in the Search field.

    • Filter the list of LNP tickets using the Status or Type lists.
  1. After you find the LNP ticket you want to close, click link in the Lumen Ticket ID column on the row for the ticket.

    Control Center shows details for the LNP ticket. (Before you close the ticket, review it to ensure you're closing the correct one.)
  1. To close the LNP ticket, click Close Ticket.

    Control Center changes the status to Closed.