Lumen help

Creating a custom name for a service

Want to customize how you see services or location information listed? You can add or update custom names in Control Center to make it easier for you to identify things.

To create a custom name for a service:

  1. Click Services, then click Network, Security, and Communications.

    Control Center shows a list of all services assigned to the billing accounts under the enterprise ID.
Network, Security, and Communications
  1. Search for the service in one of these ways:

    • Start typing details for the service (e.g., the product name, location, or service ID). Control Center filters the list of services as you type.

    • Filter your services by selecting an option from the All Service Types list.

    • To filter your services based on a specific value, select an attribute from the Advanced Filters icon (), click the section(s) you want to filter by, type your filter criteria, then click Apply.
  1. When you find the service, click the icon (in the Actions column), then click Name Update.
Network, Security, and Communications (showing Name Update box)
  1. Type the name you want to use for the service and/or location.