Lumen help

Managing your VoIP services

You can manage your Lumen® Hosted VoIP or IQ SIP Trunk services using the VoIP portal. You can access the VoIP portal directly or through Control Center.

To manage your VoIP services:

  1. Click Services.

    Control Center shows the Services console. Use the console to access an inventory of your services, check the status of orders, and manage your services.
Services console
  1. In the Service Portals box, click Voice Over IP Services.

    Control Center opens the VoIP portal in a new window. (If you don't have VoIP service or the correct permissions, you won't see Voice Over IP Services.)
VoIP portal login page
  1. Enter your credentials, then click Log In.
  1. Use the portal to manage your users, trunks, calling features, and inventory. You can also generate use reports.