Lumen help

Checking for available Lumen services (Wholesale customers)

Using Control Center, you can check addresses and telephone numbers to see which Wholesale Broadband services are available to add new services or upgrade existing services at locations you specify.

To check for available Lumen services:

  1. Click Shop, then click Explore Products
Explore Products
  1. Click See what's available.
Explore Products (showing Search and Map View)
  1. In the Search box, type the address or phone number that you want to qualify. You can click an address in the suggested results to save you typing the full address.

    As you type the address, two list boxes will display below the address search field. The first list will contain GLM address predictions and the second list will display Google address predictions.

    Pressing the down arrow key while focus is in the address search field will cause focus to move to the GLM list.  You can use the arrow keys to move through the list.  Pressing the Enter key on  your keyboard will select the address. You may select an address by clicking it with the mouse, too.  Pressing ALT + Up Arrow will move focus back to the address search field.

    If you don't find the desired address in either list, type the complete address with commas between the street, city, state, and zip. Then press the Enter key on your keyboard. The entered address to be sent to GLM for validation.

    The list of valid addresses will be displayed in the GLM list. Select the desired address to start the qualification process.  If GLM is unable to validate the address a form will be presented so you can request the addition of the address to GLM.  Before you can make this request you must specify the coordinates of the location.
  1. In the Search box, type the address you want to qualify for, then press enter on your keyboard.

    Control Center searches for the address as you type. After you press enter (or select the address in the suggested results), Control Center will qualify the address for services and place a pin on the map for the location. A green check indicates that the address qualifies for the service; a red X indicates that the service is not currently available at the address.
  1. To find the coordinates, do one of the following:

    • Turn on the Click on Map switch, then click the location on the map.

    • Click Ask Google to see if Google can find the coordinates.
  1. Click Zoom To to put a marker on the map at the coordinates and zoom the map to the marker.
  1. Click Request New Site to have GLM create a new site.

    If GLM is able to create the new site it will be displayed in the GLM list.
  1. Select the address to start the qualification. (If you decide not to request a new site, click Cancel to close the form.)

    After requesting a new site, you will receive an email from GLM.
See what's available (showing search results)

After you select the address in the suggested results, Control Center qualifies the address for services and places a pin on the map for the location.

  • A green check indicates that the address qualifies for the service.
  • A red X indicates the service is currently not available at the address.
  1. In the results provided in Location Summary, click the green check product information link for additional details.
See what's available (showing search results and details)
  1. Do one of the following:

    • To qualify another address, repeat step 4.

    • To remove an address you've qualified, click the slider next to the address (to turn it green), then click Remove Location(s).

    • To view more information about a product, click the product name.

Bulk upload

Bulk upload provides Excel and CSV spreadsheet templates sent to the Wholesale Broadband team to see if multiple addresses or phone numbers qualify for service.

Bulk qualifications over 150 locations will be processed after 5:00pm Pacific. Additionally, bulk qualifications can have a maximum of 50000 rows per input file.

To qualify multiple addresses at once:

  1. Click Shop, then click Explore Products
Explore Products
  1. Click See what's available.
Explore Products (showing Search and Map View)
  1. Click Bulk Upload.
See what's available (showing Bulk Processing with results)

Icons in the bulk processing header

Hover over the icons in the header to view icon labels, which include:

  • Download Template—down arrow icon
  • Upload Batch icon—up arrow icon
  • Results count
  • Refresh—spinning arrows icon
  • Collapse—^ icon

Bulk processing result file rows


  • Status
  • Batch Name—this is an editable field, click Save after making changes
  • Batch Type—HSI for addresses or HSI TN for phone numbers
  • Created Date
  • Deletion Date—this bulk upload item will be removed from the list on this date

Hover over the icons on the right end of the bulk processing rows to view icon labels, which include:

  • Export to Excel—saves the bulk upload item as an Excel file
  • Export to CSV—saves the bulk upload item as a CSV file
  • Delete—trash can icon
  1. Click the Download Template icon for a template to request bulk upload broadband service qualification check.
Explore Products (showing Bulk Processing with Download Templates)
  1. From the Template Type list, select the template you want.
  1. From the Template Format list, select the template format you want.
  1. Click Download to open or save the template.
  1. Click the Back link to close the template screen.
  1. Click Bulk Upload to return to the bulk processing screen.
  1. Type the address information into the template:

    • Location Name (not required)
    • Address Line 1 (required)
    • Address Line 2 (not required)
    • City (required)
    • State Code (required)
    • Zip Code (not required)
  • Apartment (APT)
  • Basement (BSMT)
  • Building (BLDG)
  • Department (DEPT)
  • Floor (FL)
  • Front (FRNT)
  • Hanger (HNGR)
  • Key (KEY)
  • Lobby (LBBY)
  • Lot (LOT)
  • Lower (LOWR)
  • Office (OFC)
  • Penthouse (PH)
  • Pier (PIER)
  • Rear (REAR)
  • Room (RM)
  • Side (SIDE)
  • Slip (SLIP)
  • Space (SPC)
  • Stop (STOP)
  • Suite (STE)
  • Trailer (TRLR)
  • Unit (UNIT)
  • Upper (UPPR)
  • # (#)

Example of HSI qualification batch template by telephone:

  • Location Name (not required)
  • Telephone (required)

Row 1 header must not be deleted.  Row 2 is an example and can be deleted.

  1. On the Bulk Processing screen, click the Upload Batch icon (up arrow icon).
Explore Products (showing Bulk Processing with Upload Batch)
  1. Click Browse button to find the file to upload. After the file is selected, it will show in the Batch File and Batch Name fields, then click Upload.

    You will see a confirmation message that says: Batch qualification file has been queued for processing.
  1. Click OK to clear the confirmation message.

    The uploaded file will show at the top of the bulk processing list, in Status Processing.

    Other options:

    • Click the Refresh icon (spinning arrows) to update the bulk processing list.

    • Return to the bulk processing screen to check the status of your request.
  1. Under the Status column, if an error message is listed, click on it to see the error so you can fix it. (For example, State is required but was not found.)
  1. To view the bulk processing results (where Status is Done), click the Export to Excel or Export to CSV icon for the desired file. The example below shows the service qualification output after selecting Export to Excel.

    In the spreadsheet results, there are multiple columns per technology type, showing combinations of upload/download speeds. When viewing the results, only those upload/download speed combinations that are in your contract will be available for ordering during phase one of the Wholesale Broadband product introduction. Higher speeds shown in the spreadsheet that are not in your current contract will become available in phase two of our product introduction. You will receive a contract amendment when phase two speeds are available.

    Scroll to the far right of the spreadsheet results to view the SWC CLLI (serving wire center) and Region. The region will be critical for you to know whether you enter the order in EASE or IMA.

    If the address is not served by Lumen, a comment will be added to the row.
Bulk Upload (Bulk Results)