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Viewing details for a bare metal server network

To view details for a bare metal server network:

Edge Service Manager network summary view
Edge Service Manager network detail view

The details page provides the following information about the network configuration:

  • The Network Details section provides the network metrics, IP block (showing either IPv4 or IPv4/IPv6 dual stack addresses), and running status. This section also shows the customer account associated with the network, the location, network type, VLAN, and number of available IPs for the network. You can take the following actions on the network:

    • To edit the information for the network, click NETWORK ACTIONS, then select Edit.

    • To delete the network, click NETWORK ACTIONS, then click Delete. Before you delete a network, you must delete all bare metal servers connected to the network.
  • The Connected Services section shows the server details specific to the network including the server name, server status, and IP address assigned to the bare metal server. If a dual stack network is selected, both the IPv4 and IPv4/IPv6 addresses are shown in the IP Address column.