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Lumen Application Delivery Solutions is a flexible and powerful edge computing framework in which businesses can build, run and optimize applications directly on the Lumen infrastructure. These solutions provide the capacity and framework to optimally deliver and secure your most important web assets, while putting your architects, developers, and sysadmins in the driver’s seat. Unlike traditional caching solutions, the Lumen CDN application delivery framework:


  • allows a choice of reverse proxy technology
  • enables engineers to use normal tooling to configure the system
  • provides a real time devOps toolset
  • offers the possibility of testing new proxy configurations before go-live with our Developer PoP

Unlike traditional caching providers which generally are fixed on a single proxy, Lumen Application Delivery Solutions allows you to choose the proxies that suit your application architecture.

Depending on your needs, you can run a single module or combine multiple modules for enhanced performance benefit:

  • Performance: Varnish Cache (versions 3, 4, 5, 6), Nginx, Nginx+Lua
  • Scalability: Varnish Cache, Nginx
  • Availability: Varnish Cache, Nginx+Lua
  • Security: ModSecurity, ThreatX, Wallarm, Radware


These are just some of the reverse proxies that are available to you. Pick the right combination and painlessly change them as your requirements change. These proxies are all available throughout the entire development lifecycle.

Application Delivery Solutions support