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Lumen® Edge Computing Solutions support: Overview

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Dynamic Connections Ethernet

Lumen® Dynamic Connections Ethernet provides secure, real-time connectivity to your data center and cloud environments. Using Control Center (our self-service portal), you choose the bandwidth and which locations to connect, when you need it. With a pay-as-you-go model, you have the control and flexibility to better manage network infrastructure expenses.


Dynamic Connections Ethernet support

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Dynamic Connections IP VPN

Lumen® Dynamic Connections IP VPN gives you the power to create and delete private data connections in real time on our secure, redundant, and global network. Manage your entire network using Control Center (our self-service portal) to connect cloud environments so that headquarters, branches, and data centers share a single, private connection.


Dynamic Connections IP VPN support

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Edge Bare Metal

Lumen® Edge Bare Metal allows your to deploy physical, dedicated, on-demand and pay-as-you-go servers hosted in distributed locations. Optimize app performance with dedicated bare metal servers on edge nodes designed to deliver 5ms or less of latency.


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Edge Gateway

Lumen® Edge Gateway is a virtualization platform for your premises enabling on-demand experiences for virtualized network, security, and IT functions—like a mini cloud in your building. Offered as-a-service in flexible management models so you can help reduce hardware costs and optimize your network and IT personnel time by simplifying your premises infrastructure footprint.


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Edge Orchestrator

As modern workloads require resource management to budget against overspending, stress is placed on operational processes and tooling. Enter Edge Orchestrator, the easy way to use automations and integrations to standardize how you deploy your infrastructure across the Edge and third-party services.


Edge Orchestrator support

Edge Private Cloud

Lumen® Edge Private Cloud—based on VMware Cloud Foundation™ and Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) technology—is designed to help reduce human errors, improve security and enable new levels of control and scalability between multiple clouds and the edge.


Edge Private Cloud support

Network Storage

Lumen® Network Storage can help your organization generate storage in your network as data creation and consumption shifts from core data centers to the cloud and the edge. Manage your service using the Network Storage portal.


Network Storage support

Edge Computing APIs

The Lumen Edge platform provides on-demand provisioning, monitoring, and logging of low-latency compute nodes. The Edge Compute APIs allow you to directly call APIs from your own application instead of having to sign in to a Lumen system or front-end application to get information or complete actions.  This enables a more efficient process for provisioning compute instances, monitoring logs, viewing statistics, and managing workloads.