Lumen help

Unenrolling from Autopay

To unenroll an account from Autopay:

  1. Click Billing, then click Autopay.

    Control Center displays a list of accounts that are eligible for Autopay, but are not currently enrolled. (To view accounts currently enrolled in Autopay, click the Enrolled tab.)
Billing > Autopay (showing Eligible tab)
  1. Click the Enrolled tab.

    Control Center lists the accounts current enrolled in Autopay.
Autopay by Checking or Savings Account (showing Enrolled tab)
  1. Select the checkbox next to the account(s) you want to unenroll, then click Unenroll Selected.
  1. Verify you want to unenroll from Autopay for the account(s) listed, then do one of the following:

    • If you've selected the right account(s), click Complete Unenrollment to remove Autopay, and then continue with step 8.

    • If you need to make changes, click Back, and then go back to step 6.

    • If you want to cancel removing Autopay, click Cancel.
  1. Click Done.

    Because our systems need to talk to each other, changes will become effective within one to two billing cycles. After completed, you'll receive an email confirming your unenrollment.