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Unenrolling from receiving invoice PDFs by email

To unenroll from receiving invoice PDFs by email:

  1. Click Billing, click Delivery Options, then click Email PDF.

    Control Center lists the accounts eligible to enroll in email PDF delivery, but are not currently enrolled. (To view accounts currently enrolled in email PDF delivery, click the Enrolled tab.)
Email PDF / Paperless Delivery
  1. Click the Enrolled tab.

    Control Center lists all the accounts currently enrolled to reveive invoice PDFs by email and whether the accounts are set up for secure () or unsecure delivery.
Email PDF / Paperless Delivery (showing Enrolled tab)
  1. Select the checkbox on the row for the account(s) you want to unenroll, then click Unenroll Selected.

    Control Center sends the request to unenroll the account from receiving invoice PDFs by email.