Lumen help

Changing an ANI

You can change customer ANI orders that have been entered into Control Center and are network- or billing-ready.  This procedure assumes that the ANI has been successfully added to the customer list for your account in the Lumen database.

To change an ANI order:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click Orders, then click Manage Orders.

    • From the dashboard, click Manage Orders (in the Frequently Visited widget) 
Manage Orders
  1. Click Change.
manage orders action service type list
  1. Select ANI from the Service Type list.
manage orders change ani
  1. Enter a working telephone number in the WTN field, then click Lookup.

    The Change Order page auto-populates with the existing ANI information.
Payphone vs. Cellular Indicator
  1. From the Cellular Phone Indicator radio buttons, click the appropriate cellular phone indicator.
  1. You can edit the following fields as needed:

    • BTN
    • End User Name
    • LOA Date
    • Order ID (you must enter a new order ID for the change)
    • PIC Jurisdictional Indicator (diting this field makes changes to CARE)
    • Change CIC Code
    • Remarks
  1. Click Submit Request.

    Result messages appear in a pop up window.  If there are correctable errors in the order, you can correct them and resubmit the order.
  1. Take a screenshot or make a note of this information. Once you click OK to dismiss this order confirmation information, the screen will refresh. This results information itself is not stored, so it is not available for later retrieval; you can look up the 8XX, ANI or Card on your account in Service Status.
  1. Click OK.