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Troubleshooting OLOF in Failed status

After an OLOF is submitted in Control Center, a confirmation message is displayed that the order has successfully submitted.  The email address in the OLOF Primary Contact Email field should receive order confirmation emails from Lumen.

Troubleshooting if order received confirmation emails are not received:

  • Occasionally there can be network and mail server issues that contribute to delays
  • Invalid email address in the OLOF Primary Contact Email field

Control Center auto-populates the Primary Contact name, phone and email address on the OLOFs.  This information is retrieved from the Control Center username profile.  The Primary Contact fields can be edited on each OLOF.  Customers may wish to have the Primary Contact be a different email address than the one in their Control Center profile, or they may want to enter multiple email addresses.

Examples of invalid email address include email addresses that are incomplete or have typos (spaces, commas, missing or multiple @, etc), or entering multiple email addresses incorrectly.  Multiple email addresses can be added, separated only by a semi-colon, no spaces.  This will result in multiple email addresses receiving the order confirmation emails.

Please note: If there are any questions regarding an OLOF, the Lumen will contact the person listed as the primary on the OLOF.  The primary contact should be an employee of your company.  Lumen is unable to work directly with your customers (end users).