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Using preliminary order status

  1. Click Orders, click Order Status, then click Preliminary Order Status.

    Control Center shows all pending orders and orders completed within the past 90 days submitted using Dedicated/Switched batch, DTFO, or OLOF (online order forms). Control Center also lists your view/modify call plan changes.
Preliminary Order Status


After selecting one of the criteria in the Search For list, a field will appear to the right of the list. You can use the enter key on your keyboard, or click the >> icon to the right of the Search field, to launch the search/filter. To clear a search/filter and reload the default screen showing all orders from past 90 days, click Reset.


Use Search For… to filter your orders by parent order ID, product account ID, order type, service type, status, PON, account name, or ordering method.


For example, you would select Ordering Method in the Search for… list, then you could type Switched Batch, Dedicated Batch, DTFO, OnLine Order Form, etc.

The Search functionality is case sensitive.  For example, type DTFO rather than dtfo. You can use asterisks for wildcard search. For example, searching On* will show OnLine Order Form orders.


The table illustrates Parent Order ID, Order Type, Service Type and Ordering Method for each ordering tool/type:

Ordering tool

Parent Order ID

Order Type

Service Type

Ordering Method

Switched batch files

Switched batch file name

Always shows as New/Install, Change, or Disconnect

Always shows as 8XX, ANI, or Card

Switched batch

Dedicated batch files

Dedicated batch file name

Always shows as New/Install (i.e. add—this functionality is add only)


Dedicated batch


DTFO order ID number

New/Install (i.e. add), Change, or Disconnect (based on selection at start of DTFO order)



View/Modify call plan

Batch ID number

Always shows as Change


Dedicated/Switched batch


OLOF order ID number

New/Install (i.e. add), Change, or Disconnect (based on selection at start of OLOF order)

COL (Colocation)
EL (Eline
EPL (Private Line)
IP (IP Solutions)
STFO (TDM Voice Toll Free)
VOIP (IP Voice LD or Toll Dree)
VT (TDM Voice LD)

Online Order Form (OLOF)

Billing address change





Advanced Search

To filter by more than one piece of information at a time, click Advanced Search. You can search by order date range, ID type, status, and type. To retrieve orders matching your criteria, click Apply. To cancel and return to the full list of orders, click Close.


Sorting and customizing your view