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Using the Switched batch formatter

Creating Switched batch file using template and web-based Switched batch formatter tool.

To use the Switched batch formatter:

  1. Click Orders, click Manage Orders, then click Batch.
Batch Order
  1. In the Ordering Type field, select the Switched radio button.
Batch Order (showing Switched selected)
  1. Click Switched Batch Formatter (Web Based).
Switched 8XX batch formatter
manage orders batch order switched batch formatter field tool tips
  1. You can use the buttons across the top of the Switched Batch Formatter to add and delete rows, load files, validate, and save orders.
  1. Load File: the Switched Batch Ordering Template can be used in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, then uploaded to the Web-Based Switched Batch Formatter Tool using the Load File button.
  1. Enter your data; click Validate. A new tab or window will open to show you any errors you need to fix, such as formatting issues or mandatory fields.

    Each time you click Validate, it will open a new tab or window. Each validation window has a date/time stamp. If you are not closing Validation tabs/windows in between, you can use the date/time stamp to determine the most recent.
  1. Click Save to save the file.
  1. To upload the file, do the following:

    1. In Control Center go to Manage Orders, Batch, select Ordering Type as Switched.

    2. In the Upload Files section, click Browse, then find your saved text file.

    3. Click Open.

      Your file should now be populated in the browse field.

    4. Click Send.

      You should now get a response from Control Center that your file has successfully been loaded.
  1. Check to determine if your file was processed or was a bad file:

    1. Determine if your file was processed or if it was rejected as a bad file.

      1. Go to Orders, Order Status, Preliminary Order Status.

      2. Search for file name (case sensitive) or search for Ordering Method as Switched Batch.

    2. Click on the link under the Parent Order ID column and an overlay will display with two tabs: Order Details and Files.

      Files will display:

      1. Upload – the file will initially sit here waiting to be picked up for processing.
      2. Archive – the file is moved here when it is successfully picked up for processing.
      3. Bad Files – the file is moved here when it is rejected, see DIR.LOG in Upload for more information.
      4. Results – 4 results files are generated, open the .WHL file using Notepad.
    3. Reviewing a successful processed order:

      1. Your order will list all the services submitted, and identify if the service was accepted or rejected.
      2. If the individual service rejected the report will give you an explanation of why it rejected.
      3. At the bottom of the file it will also identify Total Records Processed, Total Records Accepted, Total Records Rejected.
    4. Reviewing your bad files:

      1. See DIR.LOG in Upload for more information
      2. Some common issues resulting in rejected file:

        • The Batch ID on the header line was not changed from generic to the customer code.
        • There was an extra line at the bottom of the file.
order status preliminary order status switched batch order status example