Lumen help

Using Post-Submission Order Status

Post-Submission Order Status provides CORE orders and milestone jobsteps for Dedicated batch, DTFO, and OLOF orders. 

To use post-submission order status:

  1. Click Orders, click Order Status, then click Post-Submission Order Status.
Post Submission Order Status

Simple Search (aka “Search for…”)

The simple search allows you to search for orders in multiple ways. Follow the steps in the procedure below to use the simple search functionality.


Click on any one of the options below to open a new search box. The search box will appear to the right of the screen you see below. This allows you to enter the specific criteria.


If you don’t exactly know the information of the search criteria you seek to find, use an asterisk (*) anywhere in the field as a wildcard to enhance your search.  Example: *12345, 12345*

Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to filter/search in multiple ways:


  • parent order ID (single ID or multiple IDs separated by commas)
  • sales order ID (single ID or multiple IDs separated by commas)
  • order type: New/Install, Change, or Disconnect)
  • service type: Ethernet Private Line, IQ Networking, Optical Wavelength Service, CPE, or On Demand IVR
  • account ID (account name)
  • status: In Progress, Completed, or Cancelled
  • status date: the date the order moved the that order status
  • due date (a date range)
  • PON (purchase order number): the PON applied to the order for customer tracking purposes

To use advanced search:

  1. Click Advanced Search.
Post Submission Order Status (showing Advanced Search)
  1. Complete the search fields, then click Apply. (Choosing more than one search criteria will limit your returned results.)

Sortable menu bar

The menu bar allows you to sort by Parent Order ID, Order Type, Service Type, Status, or Status Date. To sort these options, click on the column heading to sort or reverse sort.  You may also change the size of each column by clicking/selecting the appropriate column line.  The fields sort in ascending or descending order.

  • Parent Order will provide the internal Lumen order number
  • Sales Order ID(s) will provide the Sales Order
  • Order Type will include New/Install, Change, or Disconnect Orders
  • Service Type includes either Ethernet Private Line, IQ Networking, Optical Wavelength Service, CPE, or On Demand IVR
  • Status will be In Progress, Cancelled, or Completed
  • Status Date will display the date the order moved into that order status

Customizing the columns shown

Viewing an order

To view details for an order, click the hyperlink in the Parent Order ID column.

Control Center shows details for the order on two tabs: Order Details and Sales and Provisioning Orders. To scoll through details for all your orders, use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the window.

Order Details tab

Sales and Provisioning Orders tab

Job steps