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Viewing the status of a Switched batch file

After a Switched batch file is successfully processed, Control Center shows order status using text files referred to as results files:

  • .WHL file extension = total results file (Includes both accepted and rejected services; this is the main results file to check)
  • .RF file extension = rejected file service components
  • .RFM file extension = rejected file messages for each rejected component.  (The combined RF and RFM can be uploaded into the batch formatter for easy rework of rejected services.)
  • .AVS file extension = Address Validation File (used only for Calling Cards that require fulfillment)
  • .BAD file extension = When files uploaded have the incorrect format (e.g.; data row errors, field lengths exceeded) the errors will be generated in this .BAD file for the customer, in the Results Files directory.


A Switched batch file that fails validation will be moved to the "Bad File" directory.  The DIR.LOG file will advise the reason the file was rejected and automatically moved to Bad Files.


Follow the below steps to check the Switched batch results files in Order Status on the Preliminary Order Status screen.

To view the status of a Switched batch file:

  1. Click Orders, click Order Status, then click Preliminary Order Status.

    Control Center shows all pending orders and orders completed within the past 90 days submitted using Dedicated/Switched batch, DTFO, or OLOF (online order forms). Control Center also lists your view/modify call plan changes.
Preliminary Order Status
  1. In the “Search for…” drop down menu, select Ordering Method. The “Search” field will appear, enter Switched Batch (case sensitive). You can use enter key on your keyboard or click the icon to the right of the Search field.

    Alternatively, you can search by Parent Order ID (case sensitive): 
    enter the file name of the batch file you uploaded; use asterisk for wildcard search (example searches using an example Switched Batch file name: AN_JanusA5.txt, AN_JanusA5*, AN*, etc).

    The Switched Batch files are identified by the switched batch file name under the Parent Order ID / Batch filename column.

    For Switched Batch:
    • The Order Type is always New/Install, Change, Disconnect
    • The Service Type is always 8XX, ANI, Card
    • The Ordering Method is always Switched Batch
  1. On Preliminary Order Status page, locate the batch file using Search as noted above.
  1. To review status of a Switched Batch, click the batch file name link under the Parent Order ID / Batch Filename column, and an overlay will display the information for that switched batch file.
order status preliminary order status search switched batch example

There are two tabs, Order Details and Files. The Files tab will have the Results Files, Bad Files, Archive File and Upload File (with DIR.LOG) directories are displayed.

The .WHL results file is the most commonly utilized results file to check Switched Batch Order Status.

  1. Select Open or Save, depending on if the file is to be opened or saved to the user’s computer.
order status preliminary order status switched batch order status example
 Switched Batch Preliminary Order Status Overlay
 Switched Batch .WHL Results file
 Switched Batch .RF Results file
 Switched Batch .RFM Results file
 Switched Batch .BAD Results file
 Switched Batch DIR LOG file example
 Switched Batch DIR LOG file example