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Switched services ordering in Manage Orders

Ordering switched services using single order entry (SOE) is useful when you have a small to medium volume of orders in a single day. You can enter your order information directly in to Control Center.


You can Add, Change, Disconnect, any service; Block and Unblock are for ANI services only:

Switched services ordering action table

To order switched services:

  1. From the dashboard, click Manage Orders (in the Frequently Visited widget).
Manage Orders
  1. Select the tile for the action you'd like to take:  AddChangeDisconnectBlock, or Unblock. (Block and unblock are for ANI services only.)
manage orders action service type list
  1. From the Service Type list, select  8XXANI, or Card. If you selected 8XX, then select Switched.
manage orders add 8xx switched
manage orders add ANI
manage orders add calling card