Lumen help

Creating a group call plan

To create a group call plan:

  1. Click Services.

    Control Center shows the Services console. Use the console to access an inventory of your services, check the status of orders, and manage your services.
Services console
  1. In the Network, Security, and Communications box, click Toll Free.

    Control Center shows all Toll Free services on the enterprise ID.
  1. Search for the service you want to work with. When you find the service you want to work with, click the hyperlinked service ID or click the icon (in the Actions column), then click View Details.

    Control Center shows details for the toll-free service you selected.
Service Details for toll free service
  1. From the More Actions list, select Group Call Plan.
Service Details for toll free service (showing group call plan)
  1. In the Group Call Plan Name field, type a name for your group call plan.
  1. Select either the Only Primary Call Plan or All Call Plans radio button.
  1. In the 8XX Number field, type the toll-free number(s) you want this group call plan to apply to. You also need to include the toll-free number you selected to start creating this group call plan.
  1. Click Next.
Service Details for toll free service (showing Manage DNIS Override)
  1. Type the unique DNIS override for each dedicated trunk group and/or unique ANI.
  1. Click Submit Group Call Plan.

    Control Center confirms your request and includes the date, time, and batch ID.
  1. Click OK.

    To check that your call plan saved, click Select Call Plan list. You'll see your available call plans, including the one you just created.