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Creating an order for a 1+ Switched ANI

To create an order for a 1+ Switched ANI:

  1. Click Services.

    Control Center shows the Services console. Use the console to access an inventory of your services, check the status of orders, and manage your services.
Services console
1+Switched & Toll Free
Order 1+ ANI
Order 1+ ANI (showing service location selected)
  1. Fill in the details for the ANI:

    1. In the WTN field, type the working telephone number.

    2. In the BTN field, type the billing telephone number.

    3. From the PIC list, select the interexchange carrier you want calls to be routed to.

    4. From the Jurisdiction list, select whether you want both Inter- and IntraLATA calls routed or only InterLATA calls.

    5. In the Force ANI field, select whether you want the ANI provisioned on the network (DMS) no matter what PIC you selected.

    6. From the CIC list, select the carrier identification code.

    7. In the Features column, click the Edit icon to add features to the ANI.

      1. Add features from the Account Codes, Blocking, and Others tabs.

        • To add a feature, select it in the left column and click the right arrow, select whether the feature is mandatory or non-mandatory, fill in any other fields for the feature, then click ADD.

        • To remove a feature, select it in the right column and click the left arrow.

      2. When you’re done, click Submit.

        Control Center lists the total number of features for the ANI next to the Edit icon.

    8. To add another ANI to the order, click Add Another, then repeat steps a–g. When you’re done, continue with step 7.
Order 1+ ANI (showing ANI details added)
  1. Click Submit.

    Control Center submits the order for the ANI.