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Adding Internet On‑Demand with BGP routing

If you need to change BGP configurations or no longer need the connection, you can disconnect it in NaaS Manager. Be aware that clearing configurations can take a while, so you will need to wait before using the same BGP configurations with a new connection. 

You can also add Internet On‑Demand with static routing for an Equinix data centerDigital Realty data center, or customer site/building.

To do add Internet On‑Demand with BGP routing:

  1. Click Services.

    Control Center shows the Services console. Use the console to access an inventory of your services, check the status of orders, and manage your services.
Services console
NaaS Manager Overview tab
NaaS Internet On-Demand data center service nickname
NaaS Internet On-Demand data center select bandwidth
NaaS Internet On-Demand BGP routing
NaaS Internet On-Demand LAN IP Block for BGP
NaaS Internet On-Demand DDoS Essentials
NaaS Internet On-Demand additional settings
NaaS Internet On-Demand data center billing account
/29 IP address block diagram