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As a new customer, you can access knowledgeable resources for support across every step of service setup and delivery.

Account director (AD)

Your account director (AD) provides information about Lumen services and serves as your overall point of contact. Responsible for gathering and confirming the specifications and requirements necessary to submit an order, your account director works with you to execute all quotes and orders for new and additional Lumen services and assists you through the credit-application process.

Sales engineer (SE)

Your sales engineer (SE) works with you to identify technical options and define requirements for your services. The sales engineer is responsible for understanding your existing network, key locations and potential needs. This source for technical information works to help tailor network solutions to meet your specific needs and manages the engineering portion of your service quote as well as the inventory and capacity process for your orders.

Customer care manager

Your customer care manager (CCM) proactively manages your service needs to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and serves as the conduit and escalation point for issues in the areas of order entry, order validation, service activation, disconnects and billing activities.

Activation engineer

Your activation engineer will contact you regarding the technical details of the service upon handover. Your activation engineer works to ensure that service activation meets the technical specifications of your order, addresses any issues with testing and turn-up, and handles technical account management.

CDN support technician

Your CDN support technician is your single point of contact for post-installation support, and handles service changes, account inquiries and service impairments. Behind the scenes, your CDN support technician monitors the Lumen Media portal queue for tickets pertaining to customer services and routes tickets to the appropriate internal and external support agents until your issue is resolved.

Billing coordinator

Your billing coordinator (BC) is your single point of contact for requests pertaining to billing inquiries, disputes, credits, balance, and payment information. Your billing coordinator can provide you with an overview of the billing capabilities in Media portal and coordinate more advanced training as needed. Your billing coordinator will collaborate with other Lumen resources as needed.



Accurate and timely order submission

Our goal is to meet your due dates and ensure your services are turned up on time. Your account director works with you to confirm we have what we need to complete your order. Once we gather your requirements, your account director will provide you with the necessary signature documents that authorize us to proceed with service installation.

Order types

Various order types may be used during your service activation process:

  • New service orders—required for the installation of a new service on our network.
  • Service order change or reconfiguration—a change to your service after it has been installed, including a decrement of service or partial disconnect.
  • Service transfer order—moves a service from one account to another; used, for example, when a company acquires another company and needs to transfer an order under an existing or new billing account.
  • Renewal—continues your service when your existing MSA expires.
  • Disconnect—termination of an active service.

Key service identifiers

You may need the key service identifiers listed below to manage your services. Please contact your account director or a video services coordinator with any questions.

Trialing CDN services


Once your service is activated, you will receive a service connection notice containing the technical details and support information for your service.

This email includes:

  • Key service identifiers (outlined above)
  • Configuration technical details
  • Log file details (if applicable)
  • CDN Support contact information


Billing cycles and delivery

Your Lumen invoice is delivered monthly. If you have a U.S. billing address, invoices are mailed in paper or electronic format. If you have a non-U.S. billing address, invoices are first emailed to a central depository in London, then printed and distributed from there.

If your bill only includes a partial month, it is prorated based on a calendar month. All undisputed invoices are due in accordance with your master service agreement (MSA). You have the option of sending electronic payments to Lumen via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Please contact your account director about using EFT.

Questions about your invoice

If you have questions about your bill or find issues, you can open a billing request in Media portal (under the Billing tab) and then track, update, or cancel requests. You can also communicate with your billing analyst.nquiries or disputes using Media portal.


Payment is governed by the terms and conditions of your MSA. Failure to make a payment when due may subject your service to interruption and result in termination of your service agreement.

Early termination

If you choose to disconnect service prior to the end of your service term, early termination charges may apply. For services nearing the agreed-upon termination date, the disconnect request must be received 30 calendar days prior to the contract termination date. Otherwise, your service may continue to be provided by Lumen on a month-to-month basis or as otherwise set forth in your MSA. If the cessation date is the same as your service term end date, no termination fees will apply.


Lumen embraces a strong operational philosophy that is customer focused and highly responsive. Strict performance metrics drive our internal organizations to deliver quality service to you on a consistent basis. In the event an issue arises with your service, we work to quickly to answer your questions and resolve issues.

CDN support locations and schedule

The Lumen CDN support centers operate 24/7 in the following redundant operating locations:

  • Broomfield, CO
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Dublin, IE
  • London, UK

Multi-language support is available upon request.

CDN support technician

Once your Lumen service has been installed, a CDN support technician will be your single point of contact for service- related issues. The CDN support technician is trained to quickly address technical issues related to your service. The primary objective of a CDN support technician is to provide start-to-finish accountability for network service performance and to drive the resolution of issues based on the first call.

You can reach a CDN support technician at any time. The CDN support technician will create a ticket with a reference number for tracking. Your technician will initiate several tests and processes to determine a fault and fix agent. The technician will either solve the problem or collaborate with internal or external fix agents until a resolution is established.

Customer-reported service impairment

If you experience trouble with your Lumen service, we will work to resolve your issue in the shortest time possible. To facilitate troubleshooting, please be prepared to provide the following required information:

  • Lumen service identifier (provided upon installation)—see the key service identifiers table in the Order Management section.
  • Description of the problem and alarm information
  • Time the problem first occurred
  • Contact information: name, email address, telephone number(s), and alternate or after-hours contacts

Lumen NOC in Broomfield, CO Lumen NOC in Broomfield, CO

Severities matrix

CDN support escalations


There are two different types of network maintenance: scheduled and unscheduled. To ensure top performance and grow the network, Lumen performs scheduled network maintenance. Unscheduled maintenance happens, but we are ready.

Scheduled maintenance



What can I do in Media portal?



Account director

Your point of contact for all your sales-related issues.


Customer commit date

The date that Lumen expects to deliver service to you.


Content delivery network

A network of distributed servers facilitating content delivery services.


Customer care manager

Manages order entry and service implementation.


Electronic funds transfer

A Lumen form that must be completed to make your payments electronically.


Greenwich mean time

The time zone assigned to network event notifications.


Individual-case basis

A determination upon analysis of your specific type of service and requirements.


Master service agreement

A contract that documents the terms and conditions applicable to your services.


Mean time to repair

A standard measurement for service restoration.


Monthly recurring charges

Charges that are billed every month on your account.


Network operations center

The Lumen CDN NOC is responsible for all Lumen facilities and network management, monitoring, and repair 24/7.


Non-recurring charges

A one-time charge on your account (i.e., activation fee).


Non-service affecting

Any scheduled maintenance activity that will not impact your service.


Sales engineer

Your point of contact for technical service information and network design issues.


Service affecting

Any scheduled maintenance activity that will directly impact your service.