Lumen help

Disconnecting an ANI

Disconnecting an ANI releases your customer from your Lumen billing account. An order that disconnects your customer from billing essentially releases your customer to Lumen. Lumen can choose to block the customer’s service or to retain the customer.

To disconnect an ANI:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click Orders, then click Manage Orders.

    • From the dashboard, click Manage Orders (in the Frequently Visited widget) 
Manage Orders
  1. Click Disconnect.
manage orders manage orders disconnect service type list
  1. Select ANI from the Service Type list.
manage orders manage orders disconnect ani
  1. Type a working telephone number into the WTN field,  thenclick the Lookup button.

    The Disconnect Order page auto-populates with the existing ANI information.
  1. From the Cellular Phone Indicator radio buttons, click the appropriate cellular phone indicator.
  1. In the Customer Order ID field, type a unique identifier for the order. A unique order ID is required for all disconnect transactions.
  1. Click Submit Request.

    A message pops up with your order confirmation results.  You can correct any errors in the order and resubmit it.
  1. Take a screenshot or make note of the order confirmation results information (when you click OK  it dismisses the order confirmation information). The results information is not available for later retrieval, but you can look up the 8XX, ANI or Card on your account in Service Status.
  1. Click OK.