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Paying by credit or debit card

Note: 10-digit (CABS) billing account numbers are not eligible for online payment. To make a payment for these accounts, please call 800-603-6000.

To pay by credit or debit card:

  1. Click Billing, then click One-Time Payments
Billing > One-Time Payments
  1. Click Credit/Debit Card.
Credit/Debit Card Payment
  1. For each account you want to make a payment on, select the checkbox next to the account(s). By default, the amount due is shown in the Pay Amount field, if you want to change it, click the Pay Amount field, then type the amount you want to pay.
Credit/Debit Card Payment (showing selected accounts)
  1. Click Continue.
  1. Review the account(s) and amount(s) you've selected to pay, then do one of the following:

    • If you need to make changes, click Back and return to step 4.

    • If you'd like to proceed with your payment(s), click Continue.
Credit/Debit Card Autopay (showing agreement)
Credit/Debit Card Payment (showing Payment Information tab)
  1. In the Card Number field, type your credit card number.
  1. From the Month list, select the month your credit card expires.
  1. From the YYYY list, select the year your credit card expires.
  1. In the Zip Code field, type the billing address of your credit card.
  1. Select the I agree to these Terms and Conditions checkbox.
  1. If you want to save the card for future use, select the Save this payment method checkbox.
  1. Click Next.
Credit/Debit Card Payment (showing Verify Information tab)
  1. Verify that the information you entered is correct, then click Submit Payment. (If the information is not correct, click the green Make Changes link and make your corrections.)