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Disconnecting dedicated 8XX using DTFO

To disconnect a switced 8XX using DTFO:

  1. Click Orders, click Manage Orders, then click Disconnect.
Disconnect Order
  1. From the Service Type list, select 8XX.
  1. From the 8XX Type list, select Dedicated.
Disconnect Order (showing 8XX and Dedicated selected)

DTFO Disconnect Order - 8XX Numbers Section

You can use the 8XX List to change up to 1000 toll-ree numbers; paste your list from Word, Excel, Notepad, or WordPad, or other word processing, spreadsheet, or text editor.


Do the following to ensure that your text is formatted correctly:


  • Each Toll Free number must be 10 numeric digits in length.
  • Each Toll Free number must not include parentheses, spaces or hyphens.
  • Each DNIS number must equal the value entered in the DNIS Length field. (If the DNIS number value is blank, the system will generate the DNIS value beginning with the last digit of the Toll Free number.)
  • DNIS Length must be between 2-10 digits in length.
  • Each Toll Free row must include a space between the Toll Free number and DNIS.
  • Each Toll Free row must terminate with a carriage return.

DTFO Disconnect Order - Contacts

DTFO Disconnect Order - Order Information and Attachments

In the Order Information and Attachments section, Company Name is auto-populated; Account Manager is auto-populated with National Order Management; Requested Due Date is auto-populated for today's date.

Saving or submitting the request