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Announcing a call before transferring in Receptionist Console

To make an announcement before transferring a call:

receptionist console main
  1. Call the colleague you want to transfer the call to, by doing one of the following:

    • In the Enter Number field, type (or copy and paste) the phone number to transfer the call to, then click dial (the phone keypad icon).

    • In the Contacts pane, using the directories, click the contact you want to transfer the call to, then click Call.

      Receptionist Console calls you.
  1. Answer the call: pick up your handset, headset, or press the speakerphone.

    Receptionist Console dials the colleague’s phone number.
  1. When your colleague answers, announce that a call is being transferred.

Note: If the colleague is busy or you go to voicemail, click END in the call record, then either retry or dial another colleague.

  1. Click TXR.