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Turning Do Not Disturb on and off

Turn DND on

When DND is on, callers are sent directly to voicemail and have the option to leave you a message. If your profile is set up with an escape-to-operator option, callers can press 0 and they will be redirected to another person. When DND is on, your phone will not ring

To turn DND on:

  1. Click Settings (top-right menu).
  1. Click the Services tab.

    The Services Settings page opens, showing your active and inactive services.
Settings (showing Services tab)
  1. In the Inactive section, click Do Not Disturb.
voip receptionist console settings services setting do not disturb
  1. In the Service Settings section, select the Active checkbox.
  1. If you want a reminder that do not disturb is on, select the Ring Splash checkbox.
  1. Click Save.

Turn DND off

When DND is off, your phone will ring as normal.

To turn DND off:

  1. From Receptionist Console main page, on the top right menu, click Settings.

    The General Settings page opens.
  1. Click the Services tab.
Settings (showing Services tab)
  1. In the Active section, click Do Not Disturb.
  1. In the Service Settings section, deselect the Active checkbox.
  1. Deselect the Ring Splash checkbox.
  1. Click Save.