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Changing your dashboard queue statistics sort order

To change your dashboard queue statistics sort order:

  1. From the Dashboard pane header bar, click Options (the wrench and screwdriver icon).
contact center agent-client-dashboard options
  1. Click Sort By.
dashboard pane queues sort stats
  1. To choose the order the field statistics display, click Ascending or Descending.
  1. Select the fields you want to sort by, such as by the queue name or current calls in queue.

    Queue statistics available:

    • Current Calls in Queue—number of calls waiting in the queue along with the maximum number of calls for that queue

    • EWT (Estimated Wait Time)—expected wait time for callers in the queue

    • ASA (Average Speed of Answer)—average amount of time a caller spends in the queue before the call is routed to an agent

    • Longest Waiting Call—wait time of the call that’s been in the queue the longest

    • AHT (Average Handle Time)—average handling time for calls in the queue

    • Staffed (Agents)—number of agents signed in, available, unavailable, in wrap-up state, and the number of agents assigned to the queue


Your calling queue statistics are reordered on your dashboard and will stay that way until you change the order again.

dashboard pane queues stats showing