Lumen help

Selecting queues for the Queued Calls pane

To select queues for the Queued Calls pane:

  1. On the header bar for the Queued Calls pane, click Options (the wrench and screwdriver icon).
queued calls viewing a queue
  1. From the Options list, click View.

    A list with the queues you monitor will show. A checkmark next to a queue indicates the queue’s statistics show in the Queued Calls pane. If a queue is listed but doesn’t have a checkmark next to its name, this means the statistics won’t show in the Queued Calls pane.

  1. From the queues list, click on each queue you want to view in the pane.

    The queues you select now show a checkmark next to the name.
  1. To not view a queue’s statistics, click on the queue that has a checkmark next to it.
queued calls pane selecting queues to view