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Monitoring contacts in Receptionist Console

Add contacts to monitor

To add contacts to monitor:

  1. From the VoIP portal’s main menu, click Call Features, then click Manage PC Receptionist Users from the submenu.
voip end user portal manage pc receptionist users
  1. To find the group the contacts are assigned to, do one of the following:

    • From the Select a Group list, select the group the contacts are assigned to.

    • If you don’t know the group the contacts are assigned to, from the Select a Group list, select Search ALL – Across Enterprise.

      The Search Results field lists the users from the group you selected or from across your enterprise.
  1. To refine your search:

    1. From the Find list, select the search criteria (first or last name, phone, extension, or MAC address).

    2. Type all or part of the search term in the that includes field.

    3. Click Search.

      The search field lists the users that match your search criteria.
  1. To select the contacts you want to monitor, drag and drop (with your cursor) the contacts from the Search Results field into the Monitored Users field.
  1. When you're done adding contacts to monitor, click Save.
adding contacts to monitor in voip end user portal

View monitored contacts

To view the status of the contacts in Receptionist Console:

  1. In the Contacts pane, click the Favorites tab.
Contacts pane (showing Favorites tab)
  1. Identify the contacts’ phone statuses by the icon next to their names.
contacts pane contacts monitored status options