Lumen help

Deployment (V2)

Promoting a Configuration to an Environment

To promote a configuration to an environment, open a configuration version of your choice as described above. Media Portal automatically selects the latest version of the configuration and shows the details for the configuration.


  • If you want to select a specific version, you can find it by clicking on “View History”. If you want to promote the configuration that was previously promoted to staging, select it under the “staging” section of the list.


  • Once you’ve opened the configuration version of your choice, click on “promote”. In the “Promote Configuration” subsection, set the radio button to “staging” or “production” depending on the environment you wish to deploy the configuration, and add any notes that will help you or others keep track of the configuration.


  • Select the check box if you want to receive an email when Media Portal finishes promoting the configuration. and finally click on “promote”. Media Portal promotes the configuration to the environment. You'll now see this configuration listed under the environment you selected in the configuration list; it may take several minutes to be fully propagated through the CDN network.

Enabling a second production slot for a SCID

For the production environment, it is possible to add a second production slot. To enable a second production slot for a SCID, open a configuration version of your choice as described above.


  • click on “promote” and set the environment to “production”. You’ll notice an option to enable an additional slot. Click on “Enable” there to activate a second production slot for your SCID.


  • Once the second slot is enabled, type the percentage of traffic you want to allocate to the configuration in slot B, add any notes if you wish and click “promote”.


  • Media Portal promotes the configuration to the second production slot (slot B) and allocates traffic to the configuration based on the percentage you specified. The configuration appears in Transient status while Media Portal propagates the change across the Lumen CDN.

Changing the Traffic Allocation for the Production Slots on a SCID

To adjust the traffic allocation of production slots, open a configuration (“selected from the “production” section of the list), and click on “Adjust”. Media Portal lists the slot the configuration occupies and the percentage of traffic the configuration is currently receiving. Use the “Traffic Percentage” fields to adjust the traffic allocation between the two configurations. (Remember the total of the two slots must add up to 100%.)

Viewing the History for an Environment

You can view a history of the configurations promoted to the staging and production environments for a SCID. To view the history for an environment, Navigate to the Caching page, and select the access group and the SCID you want to work with, and click on “View Environment History” button. Media Portal displays the environment history for the SCID. By default, you'll see environment history for production. To view environment history for your staging environment, click the “Staging” tab. Lastly, to view a list of the transactions promoting configurations to environments for the SCID, click the “Transactions” tab.

Viewing CName Information for Aliases

Once you push a configuration to a production slot, Lumen adds the CName (canonical name) information for each of the aliases. Each alias must have a CName entry to direct traffic to the Lumen CDN. When you add aliases to a configuration and promote the configuration to production, Lumen creates a corresponding CDN DNS name.

To view CName information for aliases on a configuration, From an open configuration in a production slot, scroll down to the “Properties” section, then select a property from the list. Media portal lists the CName value for each of the aliases on the property.