Lumen help

Adding properties to a configuration

  1. From the main menu, select My Services > Caching
My Service - Caching
  1. From the lists, select the access group and SCID (service component ID) you want to work with. 
My Services - Caching (with SCID selected)
  1. From the list, select the configuration. 

To add a property to a configuration:

  1. From an open configuration, click Edit Configuration.
my services caching edit configuration
  1. In the Properties section, click Add Property.
my services caching add configuration add property
  1. Add any aliases you want the Lumen CDN to serve in addition to the host name:

    1. In the Alias field, type the fully qualified domain name.

    2. To add another alias, click Add Row and repeat the previous step.
  1. If you need to add property-based settings, select a definition type from the list. Property-based settings define the default behavior for all aliases for the property.

    Media portal adds a section for that type of definition.
  1. For each definition type you selected, use the list to select a definition(s) you want to add as a property-based setting.
  1. From the Traffic Type list, select the type of traffic served by the origin:

    • Live: used for live/linear HTTP Adaptive Streaming services. 24x7 or events

    • Patch: used for large objects such as software updates, games etc.

    • VOD: used for video-on-demand content served using HTTP Adaptive Streaming technologies

    • Wholesite: used for enterprise website delivery
  1. When you're finished adding the property, click Done.
  1. If needed, add any notes to describe the changes you made.
  1. Click Save again.

    Media portal saves the configuration.