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Replacing a certificate

To replace a certificate:

  1. From the main menu, select My Services > Caching
My Service - Caching
  1. From the lists, select the access group and SCID (service component ID) you want to work with. 
My Services - Caching (with SCID selected)
  1. Click Manage Certificates.

    Media portal lists the certificates associated with the SCID you selected. Certificates in active state are ready to use; certificates with other states may need your attention or may still being processed. Use the section below to learn more about certificate states, click the section below.
My Services - Caching (Manage Certificates)
  1. On the row for the certificate where you just generated the CSR, click the Replace Cert link.

    Media portal displays details for the certificate you selected.
my services caching manage certificates upload certificate from reload cert
  1. Upload a new certificate, certificate bundle, or private key, by doing any of the following:

  • To replace the certificate, copy and paste the new certificate or click Upload File and select the new certificate.

  • To replace the certificate bundle, copy and paste the new bundle or click Upload File and select the new bundle.

  • To replace the private key, copy and paste the new private key or click Upload File and select the new private key.

  • To change the password for the private key, type the new password in the field.
  1. When you're done, click Submit.