Lumen help

Viewing a Lua‑scripting definition on a configuration

  1. From the main menu, select My Services > Caching
My Service - Caching
  1. From the lists, select the access group and SCID (service component ID) you want to work with. 
My Services - Caching (with SCID selected)
  1. From the list, select the configuration. 

To view a Lua-scripting definition on a configuration:

  1. From an open configuration, click Edit Configuration.
my services caching edit configuration
  1. In the Service-Wide Definition section, click Lua Scripting.

    Media portal lists the Lua-scripting definitions for the configuration (if any).
my services caching add configuration lua scripting
  1. Use the list to select the Lua script you want to view.

    Media portal displays the Lua script you selected, the direction for the Lua script (whether the Lua script is for requests, responses, or both), whether the Lua script is designated as heavy, and the execution type (Edge or Fill).